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Pharmaceutical company «TPP JULKO» was created in 2002. Ownership – 100% private company. The main direction of the company was selected as a search of original products for the further registration in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, and Moldova. Since 2008, the company «JULKO» has formed a group of companies, which includes: Private Enterprise «TPP JULKO» – the main activity of which is search, registration and promotion of the products; Limited Liability Company «JULKO-pharm» – the main activity – import / export and distribution of the products; Consumer Society «Amethyst» – the main activity – retail trade in medicines. At the present time, the group JULKO has exclusive rights of such companies as Lipomed AG (Switzerland), Galepharm (Switzerland).

Constantly looking for manufacturers of medical products and goods of medical purpose for registration and distribution in Ukraine.

Pharmaceutical company «TPP JULKO»

License # 116876

Ukraine, 01033

Kiev, Korolenkovskaia str. 4,


+38-044-492-74-75 – multichannel



E-mail: julko@julko.com

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